August SBL

August is a super busy month around here but last weekend we crossed off TWO big items on our summer bucket list! Most importantly, Bailey turned THREE and we actually skipped the big birthday (this is a huge step in my life to simplify for sanity) and just had cake (another amazing from scratch and sculpted creation by my wife) at home with us, after a fun afternoon at a local (massive) Dinosaur Extreme Exhibit! There were bones, animatronics, full skeletons, interactives, and huge moving Dino’s. It was pretty damn cool and exactly what Bailey wanted to do for her birthday.

This next weekend, two more HUGE items are crossed off our list and we will be almost done with our summer bucket list for 2018!

Next up….a long weekend in DC with my big kid! And HAMILTON at the KENNEDY CENTER!


3 thoughts on “August SBL

  1. Holy Smokes, how is she 3 already?! I swear it was just yesterday you were blogging about your wedding details! What an adorable family! It looks like Stout and the wife are back in a good place? Please update us on all that when you can! And HAMILTON!!! Soooo lucky! I would love to see it again! We lucked into tix the first time (right after it opened here in Chicago) and ever since, I obsessively check for tix to go again but they’re so damn expensive! Ugh! Anyhow, enjoy! You will LOVE it! ❤️


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